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Leftover ready mix recycling, in association with the legal framework and the protection of natural resources will gain importance in the future. Within the EU in 2010 in 8,641 ready mix plants 238 Mio. m³ ready mix have been produced and with 66,696 ready mix trucks and 12,537 pump trucks poured. With a return rate of 3% the amount of leftover ready mix totaled to 7.1 Mio. m³/ year with a value of 532.5 Mio. €.

In addition to the leftover ready mix process water arises from the daily rinsing and cleaning of the trucks. With 500 l freshwater per truck 39 Mio. l of process water per day occur. Ready mix and process water quantities which occur at precast plants are not considered at all.

Regarding environmental protection and protection of natural resources a BIBKO®-Recycling system provides the solution. Additionally the legal framework is fulfilled and due to the reuse of the recycled material the productivity in a concrete factory will increase.

29.03.2016: Structo NV, Belgium

New residual concrete recycling system especially for precast and smaller ready-mix production...

04.08.2015: Holcim Argentina

New recycling system for residual concrete to Holcim Argentina S.A., Cordoba

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