BIBKO® - Recyclingsystem Type ComTec


This system is designed for medium to large ready-mixed concrete plants (> 5 ready-mixed concrete HGV mixers) for washing out concrete, mortar or anhydrite. The system offers a large water bath and therefore enables the residual concrete to be emptied quickly. By means of the patented combination with the BIBKO® spiral conveyors, discharge heights of up to 3.5m can be achieved. The system includes an aluminium lid to open the lid of the machine easily, as well as a winter package for cold regions. The receiving hoppers are available in various designs and sizes to adapt the system to the individual conditions.

ComTec features

  • Recycling capacity 4, 20 and 30 m³/h
  • Shock emptying of the residual concrete is possible by extension using a dosing buffer
  • A large wash water capacity of 0.5m³ - 3.5m³ ³ guarantees best performance and washout results
  • A split cut of 0.2mm
  • Bearing positions outside the water bath
  • Variable hopper assemblies and sizes
  • Compact design
  • Heatable recycling system
  • The aluminium machine cover can be opened via gas pressure springs
  • Hot-dip galvanised design

Recycling System Type RWS

System RWS - designed for smaller and mobile ready-mixed concrete plants, for washing out concrete. 
The system contains storage, which is placed outside the water bath. A variably adjustable auger ensures that the system has a long operating life. The receiving hopper is available in various designs and sizes to adapt the system to the individual conditions. The RWS system is quick and easy to install.

  • A concrete washing capacity of 4, 12 to 18m3/h
  • A split cut of 0.2mm
  • Heatable wash out machine
  • Complete hot-dip galvanising

Recycling System - closed loop system

A recycling system is a closed circulation system. In addition to the recovery of the components contained in the residual concrete, the residual water is also fully utilised in the mixing plant. This contains fine particles and cement particles. This system does not produce any material that needs to be disposed of. It is, therefore, a closed system.

Recyclingsystem PLUS – Optional residual water purification

ComTec RecyclingsystemPlus web

If the residual water cannot or can only be partially used in the mixing process, the residual water can be treated.

Recycling System - open loop system

A residual concrete recovery system retrieves the components contained in residual concrete (sand and gravel). These can then be reused in the mixing plant. The water is fed into a settling tank and can also be reused. The fine particles collected in the settling tank have to be dredged out and disposed of. A recovery system is an open circulation system for residual concrete.

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